Learning to drive is an exciting and challenging time for your son or daughter.

We also appreciate that it may be a considerable financial investment for yourselves.
Not only do we go to great lengths to make sure that lessons are planned
efficiently and never wasted, but also welcome parental involvement
at every stage of the learning process.


  Parents are key stakeholders alongside our pupils  


“Practice makes Perfect”

We are keen for parents to sit-in during lessons and contribute to the feedback
afterwards so that they can confidently offer additional practice from home.


  Joining in the end-of-lesson feedback  


All our instructors hold current certificates from the Disclosure & Barring Service
and work to the highest degree of professionalism.
 Even if you are unable to accompany your son or daughter on their lessons,
 you can be assured that they are in the safest hands.




We understand that you will have real concerns about what happens after the test
and whether your son or daughter will be safe on the road.
Government statistics show that poor use of mirrors, lack of effective observations
and failure to anticipate the actions of other road users contribute to well over
half of the most common reasons for car crashes.
It is no coincidence that these types of faults also appear in the list of most
common reasons for failing the practical driving test !
The national pass rate for the practical test is a little over 40% and the figure is even
lower for first-time passes.  The fact that all our instructors achieve far better rates
than this is testimony to our policy of never recommending a test until we believe a
pupil is ready and armed with all the skills they need for driving on their own.


  Effective observations at junctions are crucial  


Drive-Rite supports Somerset Road Safety's Engage Programme for novice drivers:


The Engage Programme is worked seamlessly into our regular lessons and provides
pupils with two very important tools:
An awareness of the factors that can place a driver at risk, for example
being late, feeling tired or even dealing with peer pressure from passengers.
Developing the ability to continuously evaluate and improve your own standard
of driving - your instructor won't be with you to provide guidance
after you have passed your test!




We are able to offer specialised training at any time after someone has passed
their test and popular topics include motorway driving, coping with the dark
and adverse weather conditions or even dealing with city traffic.
We encourage new drivers to consider these options.



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