Our normal fee is 25 per hour and we suggest that each lesson lasts two hours,
especially in the early days of your instruction, as there are lots of skills to learn!
Once you have got to grips with the basics, then one-hour lessons are fine as you
practice your new skills and and pace everything towards the date of your test.

  Book and pay for 10 hours of training in advance to receive a 25 discount.

In other words, that's 10 hours for a straight 225!




Recommend us to a friend and after they have taken their first paid lesson with us, 
you will be entitled to receive one hour of tuition free.

  Make more friends save more money!




We think it is important to make sure that the day of your practical test
is kept as relaxed as possible.
So when you book your first test, we will provide the hour at the test centre
completely free of charge as our way of saying thank you
  for entrusting us with your tuition.





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